Randeep Hooda suggests dog breed highly adaptive to climate

#Petpeeve: Randeep Hooda urges people to be considerate when having dogs (Photo credit: IANS)

Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda, who is an ardent animal lover and has never been shy about speaking out against cruelty to animals, made a compassionate request regarding the way people treat their pet dogs and friends fur should be treated with dignity and respect. they deserve.

Making a thoughtful remark, Randeep, a rider and dog lover, says, “A dog isn’t just a cute pup that you can play with for a while and then give up or neglect. They are as much a responsibility as the joy they bring.

With Channing Tatum ‘Dog’ star raking a moolah, there has been cause for alarm among dog-loving communities across the globe and its echoes have been heard in India as well.

With the film arriving in Indian cinemas on March 11, pet lovers, who work to improve the dogs, fear that people will rush to buy the Belgian Malinois, a hunting dog who needs lots of socialization and training to become a family dog. .

Going further, Randeep Hooda, who recently had knee surgery, says which race one brings home is purely their prerogative and choice, but he also argues that people need to do basic research. on their own before getting a dog and should consider their requirements for weather and physical space.

Randeep adds: “Which dog you get is totally up to you but you have to understand that some breeds are for a certain climate like St Bernards or huskies. Also, the size of the dog can be determined by the space you have.

The actor is of the opinion that for Indian households, Mongrel Street Dogs are very suitable as they are very adaptive: “In my opinion, our Mongrel desi Street Dogs are the best adapted to the climate wherever you are and the most easy to maintain. They truly are man’s best friend.

Adding to this Malaika Fernandes of baubau.com, a dog training company says: “A lot of people adopted dogs during lockdown and gave them up. Some of them were kind enough to put the dogs in shelters but there were a lot of issues with separation anxiety as the dogs weren’t socialized with a lot of behavioral issues that surfaced once the lockdown open.

Speaking of the repercussions of the publicity, she adds, “It has led to many people abandoning distraught and traumatized pets or sending them to shelters, which also scares the animals.”

Pet-lover communities have warned against people getting inspired to get a dog after watching a movie depicting a heartwarming human-dog relationship. They often bring home small puppies without a good understanding of their training and habitat needs. This leads to a lot of dog abandonment and pet trauma.

Work-wise, Randeep will next be seen in “Unfair and Lovely,” web series “Inspector Avinash,” and revenge drama series “Cat.”

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