Rescue of a dog at sea goes viral on TikTok


A video recently went viral on TikTok because it showed the heroic rescue a dog it was far out at sea. The video showed a man swimming towards the dog and helping him get back to his boat.

The man’s friends helped pull the dog onto the boat and get him to safety.

The dog was a puppy and was visibly shaken and tired after swimming so far out to sea. phone number was attached to his collar, so his owner could be located.

Apparently the impatient pup had been on a boat with its owners, jumping over the passing waves. They thought he accidentally jumped overboard while playing.

Its owners were delighted with the frenzy on board after discovering the puppy was missing.

At first, the video received a lot of praise, but people questioned it as well. Many believed that the the rescue was organized to gain more views on TikTok. This belief was quickly crushed, however, after the owners were contacted.

It was just a good deed that was done and deserves all the praise she received. The pup was no worse to carry despite his frightening adventure. And I hope his owners will now be able to watch him more closely.

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