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While Pembroke Welsh Corgis are experiencing a revival in numbers and popularity, the King Charles Spaniel is in danger despite its ties to royalty. The King’s namesake breed saw just 14 new Kennel Club registrations in the first six months of this year, while Pembroke Welsh Corgis hit a 30-year high.

The Platinum Jubilee and Queen’s Funeral have all helped the corgi breed flourish and were featured in the 2012 James Bond skit, Netflix’s The Crown and Bridgerton.

It is hoped that the same adoration for the corgi can be found for the endangered King Charles spaniel, although King Charles III has a preference for Jack Russells.

In June, the Kennel Club announced its highest number of Corgi puppy registrations in 30 years.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Bill Lambert, a Kennel Club spokesman, said: ‘We are delighted to see so many dog ​​lovers flying the flag for our native British and Irish breeds, and especially to see the Pembroke Welsh Corgi become a beloved again. are happening nationwide, in such an important year.

After the former monarch’s coronation, the number of corgi registrations skyrocketed and peaked at nearly 9,000 puppies just seven years after Elizabeth’s coronation.

In 2009, the breed was first added to the ‘At Watch’ list of British breeds, when annual registrations were between 300 and 450.

Following this, in 2014 the Kennel Club reported a record of just 274 Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies born and was added to the list of “vulnerable native breeds”.

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The Spaniel breed was a favorite of Queen Victoria who had a King Charles called Dash and was a close companion to Victoria as a child, according to her biographer.

The late Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, also fostered the King Charles spaniel and owned one called Rolly.

It is hoped that the royal legacy of the King Charles spaniel and the new monarch will bring a resurgence of the spaniel breed alongside corgis.


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