Rugby star Sam Warburton helps open new dog rescue hotel in Cardiff


Rugby star Sam Warburton was on hand to help open a brand new Rescue Hotel health center in Cardiff Dogs Home.

Volunteers, staff, friends of the house and most importantly, many, many dogs came in large numbers, hiding under coats and gazebos to dodge the predicted rain, which sort of dodged the event.

Warburton, who is an ambassador for the charity, made an appearance to cut the red ribbon on Saturday and explained in a previous fundraising video how his family rescued dogs from Home Dogs Cardiff in the past.

He said: “When I was asked what I wanted to do when I was done playing, one of the things I always said was that I wanted to help the local dogs get home.

“The dogs here all deserve a good life and I really want to play a part in that.”

The facility on the same site as the kennel, on Penarth Road in Cardiff, will provide on-site veterinary care to all of the dogs that unfortunately end up at the Cardiff Dogs Home every year, as well as affordable basic health care at the community for their dogs.

Cardiff Dogs Home Staff

Treatments available include sterilization for £ 175, castration for £ 100, vaccinations for £ 25 and dentistry costing from £ 150 to £ 350 depending on the amount of work required.

A statement on the Cardiff Dogs Home Facebook page said: “Our aim is to improve the health and well-being of Wales’ less fortunate dogs at a fraction of the cost.”

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Rescue hotel is a sister charity attached to Cardiff Dogs Home, which raises money for all the work done by the kennels. It was formed in 2019 by a small group of volunteer dog walkers from the house.

The money raised goes towards food, toys, veterinary care, training courses and all necessary building upgrades with the most recent project sponsored by Admiral, Battersea, Petplan and Denise Dibbs.


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