Rushton Dog Rescue is looking for homes for these three Chinese rescue dogs


If you’re looking for a furry companion to cuddle on those long winter nights, check out these three dogs at Rushton Dog Rescue in search of their eternal homes.

All of these puppies were rescued from China and are now looking for someone to give them the love they deserve.

These four-legged friends are looking for particular homes to best suit their needs, so be sure to read the descriptions before applying.

If you think you and any of these characters would make a good match, click the link at the end of their profile for more information on the adoption process.

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Police officer

Bobby is treated at Rushton Dog Rescue

Raise: Cross
Age: About 18 months

Bobby is a survivor of the Chinese meat trade and a very nervous boy.

He is a lovely boy who is great with other dogs but is terrified of people he doesn’t know. This is something that we are working on, but it will be an ongoing thing.

Bobby would prefer a quieter household – a single person or a couple would be better. He would like to be housed with one or more other dogs to help him gain self-confidence.

Click here for more information on Bobby and how to adopt

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Dog Rescue” alt=”Somerset County Gazette: Betty is treated at Rushton Dog Rescue” class=”editor-image”/>Betty is treated at Rushton Dog Rescue

Raise: Cross
Age: About 2.5 years

A survivor of China, Betty was rescued from the streets with her siblings and mother.

Betty is a nervous girl who was very scared early in her life, so she is wary of humans until she knows she is safe.

She would need to be housed with other dogs as she is much more confident in their company, the security of knowing that she has other dogs around her will make her settle into her foster home much faster. .

Betty needs an experienced area, without pressure, without children and quiet adults.

A very secure garden is also essential so that Betty can enjoy her outdoor space in complete safety.

Click here for more information on Betty and how to adopt

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Somerset County Gazette: Rama is treated at Rushton Dog RescueRama is treated at Rushton Dog Rescue

Raise: Rottweiler cross
Age: About 3 years

Rama is a survivor from China and went through a very difficult time before being rescued from the streets.

Rama likes to be in the company of women, but he does not like men.

Rama is very loyal once he knows you are kind. He is fine with other dogs but prefers to live alone.

As Rama does not like men, he needs a home reserved for women without children because of his size and his overly exuberant game.

Rama needs an experienced adopter, a quiet house, and no busy outdoor spaces as he is concerned about traffic and bicycles.

He needs a good sized garden or even some land as he has found that the English countryside is actually a lot of fun and the air is fresh. It should also be very secure.

Click here for more information on Rama and how to adopt


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