Saskatoon Dog Rescue is desperate for more adoptions


Saskatoon Dog Rescue volunteers rescued over 60 dogs on their last rescue mission. (Photo courtesy of Saskatoon Dog Rescue)

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many families were making the decision to go out and find a new furry friend.

Fast forward to now and it looks like the completely opposite situation. The Saskatoon Dog Rescue is overwhelmed with a large number of dogs waiting to find their forever homes.

Courtney Fisher, president of Saskatoon Dog Rescue, said this change is really starting to take its toll on the organization.

“Things definitely slowed down tremendously, especially compared to the start of COVID where there seemed to be an adoption boom and everyone was home,” Fisher said. “Now that we are entering the winter months, the number of adoptions has been quite significant. “

There are currently over 120 dogs for adoption.

Fisher says the organization is doing its best with the resources at its disposal, but the pandemic has undermined many of its plans to get out into the community.

“We try to get our dogs out safely in places that people are visiting,” Fisher said. “We have adoption events and we’re also trying to do a little more social media and showcase the dogs that are available for adoption.

“Obviously, a lot of our in-person exposure and fundraising has been limited due to many (COVID) restrictions.”

There was still some success on the fundraising side with outdoor security events.

Fisher says these are really the only types of events allowed since there are no indoor fundraising events.

“We haven’t been able to do an in-person fundraiser for steak nights and barbecues since probably February 2020,” Fisher said.

“We have had some success recently with outdoor photoshoots at Dutch Growers, Wilson’s and Crossmount Cider. These have been really important to us.

For an organization that relies only on donations, times are really tough.

However, the group of volunteers managed to stay afloat and maintain a high level with the number of animals reaching hundreds.

“Basically between fundraising, adoptions and donors, it’s all our revenue base,” Fisher said.

“We struggled to hire our volunteers. It was frustrating during a period of time when there were no opportunities to volunteer. “

During Fisher’s time with SDR, she says this situation is completely new.

“I have worked for Saskatoon Dog Rescue for six years and I have definitely never experienced anything like this,” she said. “It’s almost like a full bet on how the fundraising is going to be (and) how the adoptions are going to be.”


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