Skylors Dog Rescue shares tips for keeping dogs cool during the heatwave


A dog rescue in Flintshire shared their methods for keeping dogs cool and safe during soaring scorching temperatures.

The center is currently at full capacity and even has about twenty dogs on its waiting list.

Billy and Winston at Skylor’s Animal Rescue

With temperatures expected to reach over 30 degrees on Monday and Tuesday, rescue founder Dawn Taylor says it’s essential that pet owners “use common sense”.

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The majority of rescue dogs are large breeds, including greyhounds, rottweilers, and even a friendly husky.

Ms Taylor said: “We make sure the ground is moist and if it dries out a bit we wet it again because it keeps their paws cool.

“We don’t walk the dogs in this heat and they don’t even go out in the field to exercise because it’s too hot.”

The Leader: Collars for dogs from Skylors Animal RescueCollars for dogs from Skylors Animal Rescue

The rescue is led by Ms Taylor alongside her husband and son as well as a few volunteer dog walkers and foster families.

At the centre, the dogs are kept busy on hot days with wet toys and she makes sure there is a constant supply of fresh water.

Ms Taylor said she checked the dogs every hour to make sure they were comfortable and kept cool in the hot weather.

The Leader: Outdoor open space for dogs Skylor animal rescueOutdoor open area for dogs Skylor animal rescue

Despite the high temperatures, she says she constantly sees owners continuing to walk and even run with their dogs.

She said: “Try to do it yourself, go walk barefoot outside and see if you could last five minutes there, you wouldn’t.

“It is not fair.”

Ms Taylor said: “Heat kills a dog, not stay indoors.

“Keep them busy around the house if they’re an active breed with mind games and refreshing activities.”

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The RSPCA has also issued advice for dog owners ahead of high temperatures.

They urged dog owners to be aware of the dangers of walking their pets – especially those with thick coats and underlying health conditions – during the hottest seasons.

The Chief: Winston Skylors' Animal RescueWinston Skylors Animal Rescue

Skylors Animal Rescue currently has nine dogs up for adoption and is also looking for additional help from dog walkers or volunteers.

The rescue is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. by appointment only.

Information on current dogs in need of care can be found at this website.


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