Soi Dog Foundation Returns to Phuket Stray Dog Shelter, Conducts Vaccination Campaign


Soi Dog Foundation Returns to Phuket Stray Dog Shelter, Conducts Vaccination Campaign

The Soi Dog Foundation carried out annual vaccinations of all dogs at the Phuket Stray Dog Shelter in Thalang last Wednesday (July 28) in conjunction with the Phuket Provincial Office of the Department of Livestock Development (DLD) and a certain number of local volunteers.

A total of 739 dogs were vaccinated at the shelter – also known as the government pound – against six diseases, including rabies, distemper and parvovirus. Bravecto has also been distributed to 16 dogs with severe skin conditions, and Soi Dog will distribute the tick and flea treatment to the remaining dogs in the coming weeks.

Tawin Sawangsin, the new head of Phuket DLD, attended the vaccination campaign and expressed his support for the collaborative effort to improve the welfare of the dogs at the shelter.

“The team here did everything they could to look after these dogs; however, when more and more dogs arrive, taking care of all of them is a huge undertaking,” he said.

“With the help of Soi Dog and volunteers, these dogs will receive better care and all the work here will be more efficient, which the DLD is ready to support,” he added.

Mr Tawin added that the health of staff and volunteers was of the utmost importance and therefore COVID-19 safety rules must be observed at all times.

It was thanks to Mr Tawin that Soi Dog and local volunteers were allowed back into the shelter after it was closed to outside help in January. The vaccination campaign was therefore a positive step forward.

Starting next week, Soi Dog’s veterinary team, community outreach team and animal rescue workers will resume their regular work at the shelter to ensure that all dogs housed there are neutered, vaccinated , wormed, protected and against ticks and fleas and treated for all other health. problems.

The teams – who last year administered more than 4,600 on-site treatments and admitted more than 250 dogs to Soi Dog Hospital in Mai Khao for further care – look forward to continuing to support the shelter for the benefit of dogs who inhabit it.


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