Sudbury News: Purebred dog show in Coniston this weekend


The annual Sudbury Kennel Club dog show is scheduled for this weekend at the Coniston Arena. There are 175 purebred dogs from across Ontario competing in several different classes.

Trainers and breeders are also on hand to speak to the public about specific breeds, their needs, and educate people about ownership.

“It’s about teaching people how to find the right dog for them so they can bring home a sweet puppy and it’s not just a puppy – it’s a dog for life,” Sue said. O’Neill, president of the Sudbury and District Kennel show. Club.

“We try to teach people what the dog needs is the grooming they need – or no grooming. Whatever kind of dog you want.”

Sudbury’s Dianne Desroches shows off bloodhounds and works to showcase their unique skills.

“I think they’ve kind of fallen out of favor,” Desroches said.

“But I think the abilities of Bloodhounds to find the missing and the lost and not be a threat to them is huge and I want to bring that back. I’m very passionate about their tracking of learning search and rescue . “

Patti Paquette, also of Sudbury, shows and breeds Shih Tzus.

This is the first time that her puppy has taken part in a show and she won two first prizes very early on.

“Every time you breed, you try to improve your Shih Tzu’s lineage,” Paquette said.

“Then when you come to the all-breed shows, you compete and if you do really well, you know your breeding program is on the right track.”

The Sudbury & District Kennel Club dog show continues from 8 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday. Officials said admission is $5 per family with a wealth of information available on purebred dogs.


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