The American Kennel Club holds its first dog show at Maude Cobb since 2019


LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) – Maude Cobb in Longview has been to the dogs, but just for the weekend.

And they are well behaved dogs. The Longview Kennel Club is organizing its AKC licensed all breed dog show for the first time since 2019. Hundreds of dogs are competing to get as close as possible to their breed standard. For many contestants, this is their first show in some time.

“We haven’t shown for about two years now. We were taking a little break anyway, and the pandemic meant we really couldn’t show ourselves. But we have new puppies and everything to show so we can go out and show them, ”competitor Madolyn McPhail said.

The event continues through Sunday and costs $ 5 for adults and $ 2 for children. There is also an obedience competition in the exhibition building of the fairgrounds. And there is also a third competition. And it’s every dog’s dream: to jump off a dock and grab an object thrown in the air. There’s a different event at Longview’s Dog Show: Dock Diving, and it’s definitely worthy of a slow motion.

Angels Hill operates the South Central Mobile Dock with North America Diving Dogs.

“This is the association that is recognized by the AKC for titles and points,” said Hill.

Yes, titles and points. Sure, it’s a blast for the dogs, but if you sign up for North America Diving Dogs, your dog’s jumps will be recorded.

“I travel throughout the South Central region, plus a few. I also have TNT Diving Dogs in Carthage which is a permanent facility, ”Hill said.

She organizes events and practices there, but how did this flying dog joy start for her?

“I had a Doberman puppy, and the mother of that litter dock dived. And that’s how we were introduced, as four month old puppies. We took them and started diving at the dock, ”Hill said.

And that ultimately led to a licensed portable dock dive that is stored inside the dock, which is also a trailer.

“When we started jumping the puppies I decided that was what we wanted to do. And one thing led to another and I became a licensed establishment for diving dogs in North America, ”said Hill.

Dogs do not need to be registered with the AKC to compete with large dogs.

“They are all kinds of dogs, from tiny Chihuahuas to Great Danes. I mean everything else. They can be mixed breeds. It does not matter.

Eric Stevens lives in Ore City and his dog Joey is a:

“National Champion Corgi Dock Diver. He’s been there for six years, ”Stevens said.

He says he has a few more.

“I have two Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers who are dockside divers,” Steven said.

Stevens had to return to the main show, but there were plenty of other dogs lined up to dive. Some were hitting 26 feet but:

“The world record is 36 feet, five inches,” Hill said.

Come on, my boy, there are only three meters left to go! This tail helix technique might help!

If you want to watch a bit of dockside diving, just head to the rodeo arena in Longview. They will be there Saturday and Sunday. It’s free to watch, but there is a charge if you want your dog to participate.

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