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Warrior Dog Rescue is a dog rescue that fosters bonds between dog owners across the state of Minnesota.

With its roots planted in Savage, Warrior Dog Rescue aims to create a community culture of giving and gratitude.

Since 2017, Warrior Dog Rescue has rescued over 2,000 dogs, mostly from southern states. Fortunately, Minnesotans appreciate all that rescue dogs have to offer and welcome these adoptable dogs with open arms. Warrior Dog Rescue has been blown away by the community culture because of their immense support, not only through volunteering and adoption, but also through their financial contribution.

We believe that if you want to do something, do it well. Part of doing it well means expanding our Facebook group titled “A Warrior Dog’s Journey Home” to connect humans who adopt our dogs, help keep track of litter breeds and medical needs, in addition to enabling our families to home to see their dog’s growth over time. .

Beyond the Revolutionary Adoptive Parents Group on Facebook, we also managed to raise almost $100,000 through our Facebook page. The ease of being able to reach community members who may not have the means to foster or adopt a dog, but who can afford to contribute financially, makes all the difference. This allows the group to devote more time and effort to our rescue plans.

This year, Warrior Dog Rescue had five litters of puppies with parvo, a virus that is incredibly deadly if not treated effectively. May 4th was the first day that we had no puppies in the hospital with parvo since March 25th. This resulted in an inexplicable expense for our rescue.

Facebook has always been the best fundraising method for emergency finds like these. We were finally able to cover part of the $40,000 expense thanks to this amazing community that stepped up to support us when we needed it most.

This National Pet Month, Warrior Dog Rescue would like to thank the community for all they have done to elevate the work in progress. There are always more dogs to save and there is always time to say a heartfelt thank you.

Diana Bakken is Executive Director and Founder of Warrior Dog Rescue.


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