The Del Sur Kennel Club is launching a dog show on April 29


The Kennel Club encourages animal lovers to donate to Ukraine.

SAN DIEGO — Although today is the opening day of the Del Sur Kennel Club weekend dog show, Friday is reserved for friendly Golden Retrievers.

After brushing, blow-drying and of course the treat, these polite pups will take the ring.

“Most dogs know what it’s all about,” said Joella Cunnington, president of the Del Sur Kennel Club. “There are dogs coming into the ring and they’re going to ‘find me’. No one else needs to come in”

Cunnington says this weekend, about 700 dogs of all breeds will be at the show, strutting in front of a judge at Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center.

But sunny San Diego is quite a distance from where Karina Harbuz was just eight months ago.

The problems she faces getting her dog ready for the ring pale in comparison to what her family is currently facing in Ukraine.

“It’s a really difficult situation,” Harbuz said. “My parents stay in Ukraine and my father is at war. I always try to call my mother, ask her how they are and try to help them as best I can,”

There is also a significant amount of animals trapped in the crossfire in Ukraine. Animal activists from the United States are traveling overseas to save as many as they can.

The Del Sur Kennel Club and the AKC are asking participants and animal lovers to donate to Equiwent, a German organization which brings help to humans and animals.

Although getting your dog ready for the show may seem like an urgent matter, dog lovers everywhere realize that something is bigger than getting that blue ribbon.

“They’re the best group of people to ask,” Cunnington said. “Dog lovers are very generous”

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