The dog rescue center is ‘overwhelmed’ by the number of abandoned animals


A DOG rescue center near Crymych had to limit its numbers after being ‘almost overwhelmed’ by abandoned Collies during the Covid lockdowns.

Diane Hart, founder of the Border Collie Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Pentre Galar, said her small staff had been “working full throttle” to deal with dogs whose owners no longer wanted them.

“In the last lockdown we brought in 135 dogs,” she told the Tivy-Side. “We averaged around 30 dogs a month at any one time – and they were all under a year old.

“The number of abandoned dogs arriving has been so high that we have had to close our doors. We found that we simply didn’t have enough time to carry out dog rehabilitation every day.

“Collie puppies are adorable to look at and because the breed is widely available, breeders were just throwing up puppies.

“What was happening was a lot of people stuck at home in lockdown were buying Collies to help entertain their kids.

“The problem is that Collies are working dogs that need a lot of attention – they’re not like Labradors, for example.”

Dog rescue center near Crymych had to limit numbers after being 'almost overwhelmed'Diane Hart says the center was forced to close. PHOTO: Border Collie Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.

Diane, who set up the center in 2018 after four decades of experience in the field, added that some dog lovers just don’t know how much work goes into training a Collie.

“And you definitely shouldn’t have them in a house full of screaming kids,” she said.

“The message we’ve been sending out is that if you’re considering buying a dog, you need to research the breed first.”


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