The Hanover Kennel Club is holding an all-breed dog show over the weekend

The standard poodle wins the “Best in Show”

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Dog owners got a chance to show off their pooches over the weekend for some friendly competition.

The Hanover Kennel Club held its 122nd and 123rd all-breed dog shows at Legion Stadium on Sunday, according to HCK President John Boozer, it’s a big deal.

“It brings a lot of money into the county,” he said. “There are entrance fees that are made, there are hotel fees, gas, meals, it brings in a lot of money.”

According to the club, AKC dog events have nearly doubled nationwide since 2019, as did attendees, there were 510 entries for this year’s event.

“Our shows are medium in size, some places are much bigger, some are smaller,” Boozer said.

The event brought a variety of dog breeds from across the country to be judged in Wilmington.

Katheryn Musante and her Saluki traveled eight hours from Florida, for a chance to win, they won a few ribbons.

“She won the Saluki breed and then she won the owner-handler dog group,” she said.

The Saluki breed is a Middle Eastern type of dog, also known as the Desert Saluki, according to Musante. The dog also won the best owner-handler category.

According to Musante, dogs in shows may look cute and fluffy, but judges are looking for specific traits.

“It’s not a beauty contest, every breed has a standard,” she said.

This standard is set by the American Kennel Club.

The top dog, handled by Raleigh’s Christian Manelopoulos, won the “Best in Show” award, and it’s not the Standard Poodle’s first win.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s the first time or the fiftieth time,” Manelopoulos said. “It’s always fun to win, it’s always exciting.”

According to Manelopoulos, Poodles have very good temperaments and are intelligent, which makes them a good choice for children.

He adds that dog shows are a good place to explore breeds before bringing one home for a pet. According to Boozer, the event has been around for over sixty years, more information can be found here.


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