The Hungarian Greyhound is the most recent entry in the popular Hungarian dog breed coin series


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The Hungarian Mint the third issue of the series “Hungarian Sheep and Hunting Dog Breeds” dedicated to the Magyar Agar, Where Hungarian greyhound. The first two pieces, the Vizsla (2019) and the Komondor (2020), sold out within days, and expectations are no different for this issue.

The Magyar Agár is a robust, fast and elegant greyhound with endless stamina. Although traditionally used for hunting, these dogs also make vigilant guard dogs and loyal companions. The Magyar Agár is an original hunting breed from Hungary. Experts believe that the Magyars themselves brought these dogs with them when they first settled in the Carpathian Basin around the 9th century. Although similar in appearance to the Greyhound, these dogs are a bit longer and more robust. As for their racing skills, the Magyar Agár has more endurance over longer distances, but it cannot accelerate as fast as the Greyhound. Breeders crossed the two in the 19th and 20th centuries to add more endurance to the Greyhound line and revive the declining stocks of Magyar Agár after The Second World War. The Canine Club Uni recognized the breed in 2006.

The Magyar Agár has a strong bone structure and well-developed muscles. The breed’s short coat is dense, coarse, and smooth. Magyar Agárs develop a thick undercoat in winter which protects them from the elements. These dogs come in all colors and combinations. It has a wedge-shaped head, a long muzzle, and a sleek, muscular neck. The dark eyes of the breed give an intelligent expression and their pink ears are large and thick. These dogs also have deep chests, well-arched ribs, a tucked-up stomach, and long, muscular paws.

Magyar Agárs are friendly dogs that make wonderful pets for people with active lifestyles. Although they can be a bit reserved, these puppies generally get along very well with other dogs and children. Their loyal and protective nature also makes them excellent guard dogs. (Source:

The 2,000 forint coin has a diameter of 34 mm with a smooth edge. It is struck from a golden-looking alloy composed of 75% copper, 4% nickel and 21% zinc and weighs 16 grams. It sells for US $ 19.95. Five or more pieces cost $ 17.95 each. The edition is limited to 10,000 pieces in Prooflike quality.

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To order or for more information on these and other coins from Hungary, contact the North American Representative of the Hungarian Mint at PO Box 399, Williston, VT 05495. Toll Free: 1-800-421-1866. Fax: 802-536-4787. E-mail: [email protected], or click on the Hungarian flag on for secure ordering on the website. Add $ 5.75 to each order for shipping and handling in the United States. Shipping to other countries will be based on the actual cost. Residents of Vermont add a 6% sales tax. Those wishing to receive regular information and photographs by electronic means can provide their e-mail address to [email protected].


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