The Last Residents of the Almost Home Dog Rescue


The latest residents of Almost Home Dog Rescue are all looking for their forever homes this summer.

Almost Home Dog Rescue in Nercwys has seen over 800 adopted dogs and currently has six more on the lookout. The rescue works with families even after adoption to guide and adjust each to their new life.

Could you make the perfect home for these adorable dogs?

Here are the latest home hounds waiting patiently at Almost Home:


Mya the Akita

Mya is a six-year-old Akita, possibly mixed with a husky. She is a dog who was unfortunately taken to a local veterinarian where she was classified as stray.

Mya was not well when she arrived at Almost Home. She had wounds in her lower back that looked like bites from another dog.

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She walks well on a leash and ignores other dogs, but Almost Home said: ‘We think she would prefer to be the only dog ​​in the house as she prefers quieter walks where there aren’t many dogs. off leash, etc. She listens to the correction. , knows a few basic commands and feasts beautifully. She is now in foster care where she has been spotless and sleeps downstairs with no problem.

She travels well by car and needs a home with a cool environment, with someone who understands the breed.

The rescue reported that at the vets she was a star and was happy to be handled and given a full checkup. The vets are pleased with his wounds which are healing well.

The rescue added: “Someone will be so lucky to have Mya in their life. Once she loves you, she gives you everything! We are looking for a quiet household with no other pets and someone who loves walking around in quieter places Mya loves her cuddles and being cared for!


The leader: Tilly the collie Tilly the Collie

This is unfortunately Tilly’s second stay at Almost Home after 5 months of adoption. Tilly’s nervous behaviors escalated; however, the family did not come to the rescue for any help and this led to the failure of the adoption.

The six-and-a-half-year-old has now been placed in the foster home she was originally in.

She is spotless around the house, travels well, is crate trained and enjoys her walks. She is collar and muzzle trained, but the rescue did not have to use a muzzle with her.

The rescue said: ‘Tilly needs a very special home… people with lots of love and patience and a genuine understanding of her and her needs. Most importantly, someone who will work with us and Tilly so she can have her best chance!

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“Tilly was a nice girl in her foster family. The basic training plan has helped her, the host families who also follow the plan make it much easier for Tilly to understand.

“She gets scared if you get up quickly or move your hand too quickly, but it’s all about trust and knowing you’re not going to hurt her. Likewise, she has her bed, which is her safe place, and a structure in her life that makes her feel more secure.

“While walking Tilly can be reactive to dogs, but with the halter she is much better and easier to correct if needed. Tilly reflects the level of confidence her handler exudes!

Cleo and Bailey

The Chef: Cleo (left) and Bailey (right)Cleo (left) and Bailey (right)

Almost Home is looking to relocate Cleo and Bailey together as they are a related couple, but would also consider splitting them up for the right home.

Cleo was originally adopted from the rescue in 2017 and went to live with a couple who already had Bailey.

Unfortunately, Cleo can’t live with children – her adoption failed because she was afraid of their toddler (and they have another one on the way). She never showed aggression towards him but was scared and anxious when he was around. It’s a collie cross, which will be six years old in August.

Bailey is a springer spaniel who just turned six. Bailey is a typical Springer, always busy doing something.

The two are happy in each other’s company and love to play ball in the garden. They never fight for the ball and they get on well overnight. Both travel well by car and really enjoy their walks.

The rescue said: “Bailey is good with people and other dogs. Cléo takes a little time to trust certain people. She seems to trust women more easily than men, but she does quite well. On a walk, Cleo is walked on a head harness, as she can be a bit reactive to some dogs. Bailey walks on a normal slippery leash and after a bit of excitement walks great!

“We are looking for an adults-only home, who want a pair of playful dogs! They are so much fun and have lots of love to give, but they need an understanding and patient home.


The chef: Piper the lurcher Pipe the wanker

Piper is a roughly 18 month old rough coated lurcher. She is friendly with dogs and people and loves to play. Piper has had a full health checkup and is house trained. She travels well by car.

She is an active girl who gets along well with children, but they must be knowledgeable children with dogs, as she can be excitable.

Almost Home said, “We always know more about Piper, so check our website for the Facebook page for more details because we have them.”


‘Lil’ the Shar Pei is still looking for his forever home and has been with rescue for eight weeks. She is almost seven years old and has not had an easy life.

The rescue says Lil is protective and sometimes growls around her bed and sometimes her food, but that goes down when she trusts you.

She’s typical of the breed and doesn’t like change, so a new routine can throw her off and so needs to go at Lil’s pace.

She communicates very well with a few grunts and grunts but has never harmed anyone.

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The rescue commented: ‘All the Almost Home volunteers can walk her and she is brilliant. Lil loves her rides and is a star on the go.”

Lil was a star at the vet, having been spayed and vaccinated. Due to her race, she gets her ears cleaned and she lets people do it without any problem.

They added: “We are fully aware that this is a tall order, but it has to be good for Lil. The last thing this girl needs is more movement and stress. Lil needs some ‘a home where she will be the only dog ​​and an adult-only home with someone who understands the behavior she exhibits and is willing to work with us (including the behaviorists) as a team!’

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