The National Dog Show presents three new breeds as a preview of Weekend Expo Attraction


The National Dog Show and the Kennel Club of Philadelphia showcased three new dog breeds that will be among nearly 2,000 dogs competing in this weekend’s canine extravaganza at a preview at the Tru Hotel By Hilton Monday morning.

Newly recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) the Russian Toy, the Mudi and the
Bracco Italiano and their handlers were on hand as more than 35 people attended the annual gathering
before the two-day affair at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks.

Members of the National Team of Canine Therapy Canine Ambassadors were also featured with
Kennel Club of Philadelphia officials say Delaware Valley staple is ‘back in full
force” after two years of events forced by the covid.

“They’re all great dogs, but we’re going to have some of the best pedigree dogs in the world.
all weekend at the Expo Center,” said David Frei, one of the greatest authorities on the
sport and the expert analyst for the two-hour television special taped on Saturdays and aired
Thanksgiving Day on NBC stations across America.

The Kennel Club of Philadelphia announced that there were over 1,800 entries including 194
breeds and varieties that will be at hand on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are available at
affordable price of $16 for adults, $7 for children (4-11 years old), with 3 and under free in
in keeping with The Kennel Club of Philadelphia’s non-profit mission to educate the public
about responsible pet parenting and the beauty of dogs. Tickets and information can be
obtained by visiting

Among the new breeds introduced at the show were two Russian toys, one of which weighed
less than five pounds. Additionally, two hunting dogs bred in Bracco Italianos, Vermont were in attendance, showing off their powerful torsos and sculpted heads. The third new breed, a Mudi, visited the event via zoom from Liberty, North Carolina. The Mudi is a Hungarian Wasabi Sheepdog, a uniquely accomplished Bull Mastiff, who was featured as one of the thoroughbreds to compete for Best In Show on Saturday and as the newest member of the National Team of the canine therapy dog ​​ambassadors.

This year’s national dog show will once again be “on the bench”, with owners/handlers in front
locate their dogs at designated locations throughout the day. There, the public can approach the
handlers, meet the dogs and ask questions about the qualities and traits of the breed and if that
breed may be suitable for this family. The show was off the bench each of the past two years
“The fun thing about Philadelphia is that it’s still a bench dog and this year it’s the only one in
this country,” Frei added. “When you come to the Expo Center this weekend, the dogs will be
compete but also wait for the public on their benches. You can find all the beagles lined up
in a domain. You can talk to the “beagle people” as we call them, and you can find out if this dog
is good for you and your family. This goes for all races.


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