The newest dog breed you’ve probably never heard of – 24/7 Wall St.


Almost every year, the American Kennel Club, the nation’s registry for purebred dogs, officially recognizes one or more new breeds and adds them to the club’s roster. The verification process is quite rigorous. There are over 340 known dog breeds in the world, but in 2021 the AKC officially recognized 197 breeds.

To identify the most recent dog breeds, 24/7 Tempo examined every dog ​​breed newly recognized since 2000 by the AKC. Information on breed group, temperament, and life expectancy also comes from the AKC.

A potential breed must have a demonstrated membership in the United States, i.e. there must be a national club with at least 100 members. There must also be a substantial population in the country of at least 300 to 400 dogs of the same breed and all with a pedigree of three generations.

There are also geographic requirements. The breed must be found in 20 or more states. Other considerations include observations from AKC field staff, competitions and specialty broadcasts. The process often takes years.

These requirements go a long way in explaining why the AKC has recognized only 52 new breeds since the turn of the century (and none in 2002, 2005 and 2017).

Many people catch their dogs when they are just puppies and form bonds that last a lifetime. But it takes a lot of training, and some dogs respond to commands better than others – these are the hardest dog breeds to train.


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