They are going to have fun! The YVKC dog show is back in Billings


You’ll have a good time woofering your paws at Yellowstone Valley Kennel Club Dog Show this week! (Okay, I’ll stop the puns!)

At the Montana Pavilion in Metra Park, you can take part in the dog show from June 23 to 26, FREE for the public.

What shows are going on?

ICYMI, these shows are conformation shows. What is conformation? Well, officially, it is:

the act of conforming Where produce compliance

Basically, dogs are judged on how well they conform to the perceived “standard” of their breed. Why? The American Kennel Club (AKC) says this:

Because the closer a dog’s appearance is to the breed standard, the better that dog’s ability to produce puppies that meet the standard. This is also the reason why mixed breeds and neutered or neutered Thoroughbreds are not eligible to compete in conformation.

Now that we’ve overcome that hurdle, you can expect to see dogs of all breeds performing actions that are stereotypical of their breeds.

If you’re interested in the dog show, as well as their many other events each year, check out this handy guide from the AKC: Beginner’s Guide to Dog Shows

Whether you’re like me, just a person who likes to see cute doggos doing things, or you really want to learn more about the world of dog shows, the YVKC can help you achieve that goal!

Get your tickets at and enjoy the dog show!

This $170 million Texas ranch with 65,000 acres is a dog lover’s dream home

Mesa Vista, the 65,000-acre Panhandle ranch, which belonged to the oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens until his death three years ago, has been on sale since 2017. The list of mind-blowing gear is long, but for the price it’s a hell of a deal!
The property includes its own golf course, a chapel with a memorial garden, an airport with a private apartment for the pilot and a 40-unit kennel, with a bronze dog sculpture in front of the building. Pickens, who was an avid hunter and dog lover, said Land Report in 2015Back when I couldn’t afford a bird dog, I had two. When I couldn’t afford two, I had three.”
Let’s take a look around this incredible property, which was recently reduced from $250 to $170 million, and see what luxury you and your four-legged friends could enjoy!

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