This Dog Breed DNA Test Will Make You Love Your Dog Even More


If you’re reading this title and you have a dog, you might have burst out laughing. You said to yourself: Absurd! There’s no way I could ever love my fur baby more than I do right now. So you think, right? The thing is, when we learn more about our fur babies, we also learn how to care for them better, and therefore love them more.

You wonder how? One of the best ways to find out more about your furry friend is to understand their predispositions. Meet My DNA dog breed identification Test.

This stellar tool is a great way to find out about your dog’s health, breed and what you can do to help them lead healthy lives. For a limited time it’s on sale, so don’t miss it!

Not only is this kit easy to use, it’s also completely painless for your pup, so there’s no hassle while you get to the bottom of their genetic makeup. Simply wipe your dog’s cheek, mail the sample, and wait for reports that will break down your dog’s cheek. unique characteristics and predispositions.

Your results include a personalized photo certificate of the breeds found in your dog’s makeup, as well as a percentage breakdown of the levels found in their unique DNA. When you learn more Speaking of breed composition, you are also at risk for certain diseases and personality traits. This wonderful kit won “Leaders in Ethical Canine Genetic Testing” at the 2020 GHP Biotechnology Awards for a reason.

The My Dog DNA Breed Identification Test Normally costs $79, but for a limited time you can get it for just $59.99, which is 24% off.

Prices subject to change.


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