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The Pet Ownership & Demographic Study published by the American Veterinary Medical Association shows that approximately 63 million households have a dog. Ownership can get expensive. The average cost of a puppy is $ 1,300. The annual cost of owning most dogs is between $ 1,400 and $ 4,300. This includes food, toys, grooming, and vet visits. Among the costs associated with owning a dog is training, in some cases.

The dogs are trained at different levels. Some owners just want their dogs to sit and come over when called. Training a guide dog to help a blind person takes over a year of intensive training, and some of the dogs that start these programs end up being rejected.

24/7 Tempo has chosen the most difficult breed of dog to train. We certainly don’t want to deter anyone from acquiring a breed that we consider to be a pet. They have many wonderful and varied attributes including loyalty, intelligence, and playfulness. But to take advantage of their best qualities, it is necessary to tackle their most difficult ones, which requires careful training from an early age.

To choose the most difficult dog breeds to train, 24/7 Tempo compared the relative difficulty lists published by a number of specialist websites, including TopDogTips, PetCareRX, CertaPet, and PuppyToob.

The most difficult dog to train is the bullmastiff. As the name suggests, this breed is the result of crossbreeds of Bulldog and Mastiff. It was bred to protect areas and game reserves from poachers. He’s tall, tips the scales at up to 130 pounds, and is powerful and intimidating. As a result, the bullmastiff requires careful training.

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