To the Rescue is a cute dog shelter filled with great puppies who need a home forever


To The Rescue features other great dogs in need of a home at the Future Games Show Powered by AMD.

The upcoming dog shelter simulation from developer Little Rock Games lets you run your own dog shelter, where you can take good care of the dogs and help them find a new owner. As you can see in the trailer for the Future Games Show, To the Rescue features plenty of adorable dogs that come to life in very cute art style – it will definitely be too easy to fall in love with four-legged friends.

By building your own kennel to accommodate stray dogs, you will spend time looking after the dogs’ needs and preparing them for a new home. With a variety of breeds, each puppy has their own unique personality and health traits, as well as their own food tastes, which you will need to keep in mind when caring for and preparing them for adoption. When a potential owner shows up at the shelter, they’re looking for a certain type of dog, and it’s up to you to find their perfect match.

As you progress the shelter can be upgraded and there are also a variety of activities and tasks to keep you occupied while you run the place. One of them is to clean up after the dogs with a poop shovel, so that you can keep the kennels clean. Fortunately, you can indeed stroke the dog, which increases his happiness. Doesn’t that melt your heart? Of course, managing a shelter isn’t always easy, and you’ll run into challenges along the way. A poor doggie called Pudding, for example, has fallen ill, and treating him quickly will prevent the disease from spreading to other dogs in the shelter. Even with the challenges you will face, there is nothing more rewarding than helping dogs find forever homes.


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