‘Traffic jam’ caused by people rushing to donate quilts to dog rescue center


The owner of an animal rescue center in Norfolk has described the ‘traffic jam’ of cars caused by people donating spare bedding after the sanctuary issued an urgent appeal for their puppies on Facebook.

Wendy Valentine founded Hillside Animal Sanctuary and Dog Rescue in 1995 and has since cared for a number of animals, including dozens of dogs who are waiting to be rehomed and need extra winter bedding.
Ms Valentine, from Norwich, said Thursday’s Facebook call for duvets had led to people ‘queueing out the door’ with spare bedding over the weekend.
“We usually have a good supply of donated bedding, but recently we’ve had so much rain,” the 71-year-old told the PA news agency.
“The dogs go outside and we use towels to dry them (but) there’s not much to do and we have to change the bedding more often.
“We just ran very low and advertised on Facebook and in the local paper and had people queuing outside with donated bedding.”
Hillside Animal Sanctuary’s Facebook post, which has racked up around 900 shares, read, “We urgently need old bedding.
“If you live locally and have old or spare duvets or blankets (without feathers), our dogs would be very grateful for a snuggle up during the winter.”
Ms Valentine estimates around 100 people showed up to deliver duvets to the dogs, whether at sanctuaries in Frettenham or West Runton in Norfolk.
“John, who works with me, he looked at the CCTV camera and you could see people lining up outside the door,” she said.
“At one point we had a traffic jam outside of people bringing bedding.”
Ms Valentine said the generosity of local people will make a big difference to the comfort of the dogs as the weather remains cool.
“They have their plastic beds…but put the (quilts) on and it makes them cozy and comfy and warm,” she said.
“It’s just nice and cuddly for them.”


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