UK’s meanest dog breed named – and it’s one of the country’s favorites


Research has found the breed to be the most mentioned in several online forums lamenting bad behavior in dogs

A black labrador

Any dog ​​owner knows they can’t stay mad at a puppy’s eyes for long – after all, they didn’t mean that, right?

Chewed up furniture, dug up flower beds, and rattling on the carpet are some of the naughty things our dogs have done – but there are some breeds that cause more chaos than others.

Turns out, the adorable Labrador is the most mentioned breed in online forums when it comes to sharing our destructive or awkward antics.

In a study by, Labradors ranked in six of the seven categories analyzed, based on the opinions of owners.

While Labs don’t tend to be chewers, they are the most likely to use your new mat as a toilet – with twice as many breed mentions urinating around the house as Schnauzers, Cavapoos, or Cocker Spaniels. Spaniels.

Labradors are notorious for messing around



The popular breed ranked second as a destroyer, Collies being more likely to tear up your couch, and only outnumbered by Beagles for being food thieves, always ready to trash a closet.

The Staffordshire Bull Terriers were named the clumsiest breed – as well as the nation’s favorite – but the Labradors are still on the podium for this category as well, taking the silver in second place.

A Staffy or Pomeranian may be more likely to break your phone or sit on your glasses, but be careful of your vases and plant pots around Labradors as well.

Labs ranked second for the “liveliest” breed and fourth most likely to dig up the garden as well – so keep an eye out for these bedding plants.

The objects most likely to be damaged by the dog are cables, doors, rugs, cables and sofas.

But no matter what they do, you can never be mad at a Labrador for long – no matter how many times you find yourself rubbing the carpet.

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