Unavailability of Land Affects Kozhikode Corporation’s Dog Shelter Projects


Despite preparing plans for a dog shelter two years ago, the Kozhikode Corporation was unable to bring it to fruition due to the unavailability of suitable land.

In addition, the civic body is planning a public demonstration if a venue is identified for the project, given the mass demonstration in Poolakkadavu ahead of the launch of the Animal Birth Control Center (ABC).

A 2016 survey identified around 13,000 stray dogs in the town of Kozhikode, which authorities say may have come across 30,000 by now. With the number of stray dog ​​attacks on the rise, pressure mounts on the Society to find a solution to the problem even though no one wants a shelter in their neighborhood.

“We have volunteer people and organizations ready to run the shelters, if we can provide land. But when we struggle to find land, even for housing projects, it is even more difficult to find land for a dog shelter,” said S. Jayasree, chairman of the Society’s Standing Committee on Health. .

Attempts by the civic body to expand the ABC center to accommodate a dog shelter failed due to protests from local residents. The same goes for the animal crematorium project that was planned years ago. “We have land near existing cemeteries. But the public does not approve of the burial or cremation of animals close to where humans are buried,” Ms Jayasree said.

Supreme Court case

Meanwhile, the Society decided on Monday to join the petition to the Supreme Court asking for a solution to the threat of stray dogs. A meeting chaired by Mayor Beena Philip decided on Tuesday to launch a rabies vaccination campaign for street dogs. The first camp will take place at Govindavilasam School in Naduvattam, and later in hotspots such as Beypore, Arakkinar, the beach and Govindapuram-Eravathukunnu. Camps will also take place at the parish level later.

The Society plans to use experts from animal welfare associations to catch dogs, in addition to selecting ABC helpers for better results.

Special camps will be held to issue licenses to pet dog owners. “We plan to set a deadline for licenses, so that pet owners take it seriously,” Ms Jayasree said. There are also plans to relaunch the “Bow Bow Fest”, the adoption camp for stray puppies, as the two camps held a year ago had been a huge success.


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