Video shows investigators rescuing dog tied up in cold


CLEVELAND (WJW) — Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows investigators finding a dog tied up and left in the cold.

The video also shows an animal control officer confronting a man in a house a few steps away.

This comes as we learned that more protections are planned for pets.

The newly released video was recorded by a body camera after a call last month to a home near West 121st Street in Cleveland.

Animal control found a dog had been left chained outside for seven hours with pouring rain and near-freezing temperatures.

The video shows an investigator talking to the dog as it approaches, saying, “Hi, did they leave you here?”

And, “Where is your landlord?” Where did they go ? How long have you been here?

The investigator then finds someone in a warm home who can answer any questions about the dog left out in the cold. The officer even refers to frozen water in the dog’s dish.

A man at the door says, “I fell asleep and took a nap. It’s not like I’m gonna leave him here all night.

The video gives us a glimpse of what goes into saving helpless pets on dark, cold nights. In this case, animal control took the dog for examination.

The man at the door became uncooperative, so the animal investigator called the Cleveland police.

Meanwhile, the animal control folks are preparing to beef up the staff. They plan to put more people on the streets, in part to deal with cases of animals left in trouble. Two other officers are hired with a supervisor to oversee cases of animal neglect.

Back to this case, investigators took the dog and also the chain that had been used.

They filed a complaint against the man of the house for leaving the dog tied outside for too long.

A report indicates that the dog belongs to the man’s mother. She was out of town and expected her son to take care of the dog.

The charge filed is very minor and the maximum penalty is a $150 fine. No one can keep a dog tethered for more than two hours at a time in Cleveland.

A report also says the dog had very red paws and showed other effects of the cold, but not enough to bring felony charges.

After all that, the family never claimed the dog from the Cleveland City Kennel. Thus, the animal is now available for everyone to adopt.


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