Vote for Britain’s favorite dog breed as MEN’s Choice ranks in the top 10


German Shepherds currently make the top 10 in the race to find the UK’s favorite dog breed – but with weeks until the competition ends, they need your vote to stay in the race.

The competition for the top spot has been fierce with over 2,000 votes cast across the country so far.

The Manchester Evening News supports German Shepherds as the country’s most expensive breed – currently in seventh place – but you can vote for the dog you love the most on our sister site Team Dogs.

Don’t worry if you’ve already participated – from today you will be able to register a second vote.

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Every Friday morning the 10 least popular breeds are taken out of competition, so make sure you don’t miss your chance to keep your favorite in the race.

The eliminated on Friday were Basset Fauve De Bretagne, Welsh Springers, Havanais, Poochon, Irish Setter, Maltipom, St Bernard, Irish Wolfhound, Pekingese and Afghan Hounds.

Ten more are now in the “dog room” section of the standings and risk being relegated later this week.

German Shepherds are incredibly loyal dogs with a lot of love to give. The breed is known for its high intelligence and multitude of talents. And despite their formidable reputation, they have wacky and loving personalities.

Pointy-eared dogs are totally devoted to their families and will be life threatening for you. So it’s no surprise that these dogs are police dogs, military dogs, and support dogs. The breed is also popular in many films, including Sam from I Am Legend, starring Will Smith.

With their shaggy coat, light brown eyes and long legs, we couldn’t help but pick the beautiful breed for the win.

Our readers had a lot to say in favor of the lovely German breed. Steve Hodgson, wrote on facebook: “German Shepherd all the way. Wonderful and intelligent dogs.

Deborah Starman Ankers added: “The German Shepherd has to take the top spot. The best dogs ever.

Make sure to support your favorite breed to keep them in the race. You can see the ranking and vote here.


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