West Virginia woman to compete in national dog show with four dogs


MORGANTOWN. W.Va. – Morgantown resident Adrianne Dering will attend this year’s National Dog Show presented by Purina and exhibit the Biewer Terrier (pronounced beaver, like the dam builder animal) for the first time.

Dering, among other exhibitors, will be allowed to show off the new American Kennel Club-sanctioned breed on NBC TV’s Thanksgiving special. Dering has 15 years of experience in breeding and showing dogs. She will compete with two sisters: Hopecrest’s Courtly Check, or “CC” and Hopecrest’s Singing in the Rain, or “Rain.”

“CC has three points up for grabs for their AKC Championship,” Dering said. “And she was featured in a special class called ‘Bred By Exhibitor,’ which means the person handling her in the ring is, in fact, her breeder. We have three points left. We have four shows over the course of next week, and we hope that those three points will be won and we will return to Morgantown with a new champion.

CC is 14 months old and Rain, Dering said, is six months old and just starting his career in the 6-9 month old puppy class.

“She will be in the ring to train and experiment and to start learning the ropes so that she too can be a great show dog one day,” Dering said.

She described her dogs as “very happy” and “quite sturdy despite their size”. Dering added that they are coping and active at home with his other dogs who are three times their size.

“They have a nice disposition,” Derin said. “They are not as hyperactive and barking as some of the other small toy dogs. Although small, they weigh between four and eight pounds. And mine are just happy, playful little parts of my bag at home. .

Dering said she was “excited” to represent Mountain State and its breed club, the Biewer Terrier Club of America, and to be involved in the Biewer Terriers’ first-ever exhibit at the National Dog Show.

“Because they start all over the place and their looks and styles,” Dering said. “And over time, they become more typical of what you would expect. And being part of the development of that and thus bringing it to fruition is very, very rewarding.

Biewer Terriers aren’t the only dogs Dering will be showing at this year’s show. She said this would be the fourth generation of her animals to be shown at the Philadelphia National Show. In total, she will have four dogs. The other two are ‘Til There Was You, or “Tilly”, by Hope Crest, and Make It A Double, or “Buff”, by Hopecrest. They are both young Coton de Tulears.

“These two little babies will be on display and also in the ‘Bred By Exhibitor’ classes where we like to show off what we have and come into our breeding lines,” Dering said.

The Biewer Terrier will be among the breeds introduced to a total audience of more than 20 million people on NBC’s two-hour national special following the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.


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