What Your Favorite Dog Breed Says About You


Can’t imagine life without a Labrador retriever or obsessed with your French Bulldog? Here’s what studies and experts say your favorite dog breed says about you.

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It might not surprise you, but your favorite dog actually gives a glimpse of who you are. Whether you like fluffy dogs or black and white dogs, they all embody us in one way or another. Although no two dogs are the same, some breeds are known to exhibit certain qualities. Various studies have been conducted over the years that have proven the relationship between our dog breed of choice and our personality traits, but we have also gotten additional information from pet experts based on what they say. have seen on the ground. Also, be sure to see which breed of dog is most compatible with your zodiac sign.

German Shepherd sticking out tongue while resting on the field in autumnRebecca Stynes ​​/ EyeEm / Getty Images

German Shepherd Lovers: Confident and Enduring

“Exceptionally confident, enduring and in search of loyalty”these are the words Karin Wagner, a representative of the American Kennel Club who judges German Shepherds in dog shows, uses to describe this breed. Think of a down-to-earth high school teacher who won’t let you go wrong. Other research has shown that owners of Rottweilers and German Shepherds are more likely to have hostile or aggressive personalities. German Shepherds were born to protect just like these other guard dogs.


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