Whitchurch: Crufts expert judges at Whixall Dog Show


A CRUFTS dog show presenter lent his expertise to a community competition in a village outside Whitchurch.

Frank Kane, who is renowned for his experience with the world famous event, chaired the Whixall Dog Show, at the Whixall Social Center on Sunday June 12 to judge the competitions.

Elaine Turnbull is the show’s manager and said she has known Frank for a long time, and said he was more than happy to be of service to give the show an official feel.

She added: “We’re trying to make this the most supreme dog show in Shropshire.

“Frank is a dear friend and does me the biggest favor ever.

“Tomorrow morning he flies to America.

“Frank hasn’t done pet dog shows in years, but it was a nice favor for us.

“Everyone couldn’t believe I had Frank Kane here.”

Elaine said she hopes to use the event to raise funds for the village hall.

She added: “We are sponsored by local businesses in the area, which we are really grateful for.

“It’s really to bring the village hall to life, that’s why we raise.”

Frank was full of praise for the organizers.

He said: “I am happy to be here, the shows are always a great pleasure.

“The quality of the dogs today, there were some very beautiful and always beautiful to see.

“We see people here who appreciate dogs and what fun dogs bring to people’s lives.

“It’s good for socializing dogs and owners and above all it’s for a good cause.

“Great organizer, a huge amount of work goes into this and we have to give credit for that.

“I hope it will bring in a lot of money.”

Helen Connolly was at the show with her dog, Katya, a Borzoi and said events like the Whixall Dog Show are good for Katya.

She explained: “She was tough on people, they touched her head, she broke it.

“She didn’t today, but I couldn’t guarantee she wouldn’t and that’s what I want to get her out of.

“In a strange environment, she gets edgy and a human can be a threat to her, she really is a very sensitive breed.

“Very attentive, the prey instinct is quite high, so they are always on alert.”

Andrew Heath is the owner of a Bugsy, a Skye Terrier and they won the Best Pedigree award.

He said: “It’s good, especially to be local too.

“Skye Terriers are a vulnerable breed.

“It’s good to have them out for the public to see.”

To learn more about events at the Whixall Social Center, visit https://www.facebook.com/WhixallSC


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