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Who wouldn’t want to watch anything about dogs? Who wouldn’t want to see man’s best friend galloping across his TV screen, engaging in any number of classy canine activities, whether it’s drooling, chasing his own tail or walking on a trail with an oversized stick dangling precariously out of his mouth? Well, what if there was a way to see dogs of all shapes and sizes compete in a series of special challenges, including but not limited to Best in Underbite, Best in Fetch and Best in Couch Potato?

If that’s the type of programming we want, we’d be lucky because the first episode of The American Rescue Dog Show just came across Hulu. After an incredible performance in his individual competition, Best in Snoring, it was an adorable black and white pit bull named Capone who received the coveted Best in Show ranking, despite fierce competition from a flying border collie , focused on Frisbee. who won Best in Fetch and a scruffy little pooch with the incredible ability to perch on the back of a couch, the winner of Best in Couch Potato.


The first episode was everything any dog ​​lover could want and more, and as such the series needs to return.

Hosts Joe Tessitor and Rob Riggle

The two hosts The American Rescue Dog Show were sports commentator Joe Tessitore (Monday night football, Holey Moley) and comedic actor Rob Riggle (Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Holey Moley). This dynamic duo had undeniable chemistry, though it came as no surprise to viewers who recognized the pair as hosts of ABC’s hilarious Holey Moleya mini golf challenge show filled with outrageous obstacles and perilous putts.

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Despite the move from putters to puppies, Riggle and Tessitore are able to maintain their chemistry as co-hosts and shine a light on dog adoption through laughter. Plus, it’s clear the pair have a certain affinity for canine companions. Throughout the competition, there are cutaways showing Riggle being chased by a mysterious heterochromic Great Dane.

Towards the end of the episode, the audience finally meets Bones, and the gregarious Great Dane transitions from a lanky loom to Riggle’s pet dog, no doubt jumping into the hearts of The American Rescue Dog Show viewers and hopefully in one of their homes.

Mad Dog Categories

As previously mentioned, the puffing pit bull Capone, winner of the hotly contested Best in Snoring category, was unanimously chosen by The American Dog Rescue Show’s judges will be awarded the coveted Best in Show award. Each individual category had its fair share of serious contenders. There was an assortment of ugly underbites in one challenge and plenty of deft doggos competing for Best in Fetch in another.

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Think of all the crazy category possibilities that could come with future competitions. Could the dog mimic its itching instincts to compete for the Best in Butt Scooch? Or maybe take a spin on a judge’s lapels to win Best in Kisses? It may be too good to be true, but is it possible that The American Dog Rescue Show competitors to put on a dapper dress, sit up straight, and delicately extend their paws to a judge’s outstretched hand in hopes of being crowned Best in Shake?

Reminder of adoptable animals Puppy

The most important reason to bring back The American Dog Rescue Show Unmistakably is the fact that the program continually reminds the public of its stellar reason for being: all the adorable dogs that are available at animal shelters nationwide. Every adorable dog that appears on the show is a rescue themselves, and the show’s hosts continually remind its viewers of how many other redeemable rescues are currently waiting to go to their forever homes.

Sometimes they even attempt to dispel the myths plaguing the animal rescue world, at one point explaining that purebreds, often thought to be entirely the purview of breeders, can often be found in shelters. Any show, especially given the often amoral offerings of modern reality TV that has goals as lofty as The American Dog Rescue Showdeserves to be renewed.

If not for his already adoring public, The American Rescue Dog Show must return to ABC for the sake of all adoptable animals there. The crazy categories highlight the countless ways a rescue dog can find its way into their heart and hopefully inspire a few potential dog owners who were once on the fence to bring home a precious pup. Who knows, maybe someone who was convinced to adopt by The American Rescue Dog Show could elevate future miss or mister Best in Wagging or future boisterous Best in Barking.


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