Yorkshire Dog Rescue’s plea as starving puppies are snatched from their mothers and dumped in the woods


More than 20 tiny puppies who were found abandoned in the woods in Serbia are looking for homes in Yorkshire.

Dog rescue Wags N’ Wet Noses, which specializes in rescuing dogs from Eastern Europe, needs donations to get the three litters through this “harsh” winter.

Once the 22 young puppies are old enough to be rehomed, it is hoped that the people of Yorkshire will open their hearts and homes to them.

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Many of the dogs that Wags N’ Wet Noses rescue are rescued from kill shelters, landfills, the streets, or abuse and neglect.

In the past two months, the rescue has been alerted to three litters of puppies that were found abandoned in sub-zero temperatures in the woods in Serbia.

Many puppies were separated from their mothers too early

Honley-based volunteer Carol Hine said: “We had a litter at the end of December, one in January and one literally less than a week ago.

“They’re starving, they’re very underweight. With some of them, we won’t know until the next two months how they’re going to develop.”

She added: “We are desperate to fundraise because obviously over the last two years with Covid our funds have started to dry up.

“We have to protect these puppies. We are overwhelmed with puppies right now because they are too young to have left their mothers. Many of them are sick or need special foods now.”

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The rescue also supports dogs in the UK, but Carol said many countries like Hungary, Romania and Serbia don’t have charities like the RSPCA that can look after these poor animals .

“We support dogs that need to be rehomed here,” Carol said.

“But in these countries they are put on the streets and many of them die of starvation and disease. The level of cruelty is simply indescribable.”

Wags N’ Wet Noses currently cares for over 220 dogs.

Anyone wishing to adopt one of the animals will need to complete an application form. Volunteers will then carry out home checks and also ensure that the dog is fit and healthy enough to travel.

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There are no adoption fees but adopters will have to pay for transportation.

“We’re lifelong support for them. If anything happens or their situation changes, we’ll take the dog back from them and bring it back if needed,” Carol said.

“Or we will support them through time.”

For more information, contact the emergency services via their Facebook page.

If you are unable or unwilling to adopt a dog, you can also support the charity by donating to their fundraiser here, donating items for a raffle, or sponsoring one of their dogs.

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