You can get a candle based on your dog’s breed and personality


A new brand of candles in Manchester is creating candles inspired by dog ​​breeds and their personalities, so dog owners can purchase a candle to represent their own pet.

“Good Girl” launched its first batch of candles in April this year, with scents specially chosen to match the individual characteristics of each breed.

The lover of Mancunian dogs and founder of the brand is Alana Mustill, 29 years old. She took inspiration from her dachshund, Bow, to create something dog lovers will appreciate and help their own breeds appreciate.

Alana said: “As a sausage dog owner, I get a lot of gifts with sausage dogs, so I wanted to make a more ‘adult’ gift for dog lovers.”

Alana is actually a full-time digital PR manager, but still manages to create her dog-inspired candles as a side activity at her home in Ancoats, Manchester.

The “Good Girl” candles, which bear Bow’s name, represent a breed of dog with a featured scent to match their personality and a tag with custom words to match the breed’s characteristics.

Their Frenchie candle is a bestseller, labeled affectionate, intelligent, easygoing and playful. While the German Shepherd is labeled curious, loyal, courageous, confident and alert.

Alana really liked her unique candles. She even had clients who don’t own dogs.

She said: “I’ve had people who don’t have a dog yet, but these are their first steps to having one. If anyone mentions a breed that we don’t have, then when we post more, I try to include those breeds.

Alana with her 7 year old dachshund, Bow, who was her inspiration for her side activity

“It was difficult at first because there was a lot of trial and error and trying different scents. We wanted to match the scent based on the characteristics of the dog. For example, the pastoral dogs that were used to keep livestock, we opted for a scent of rosemary that smells a bit of fresh grass.

Alana wanted to make her dog-inspired candles suitable for dogs using essential oils known to be safe for dogs.

“I use paraben-free fragrance oils, so there isn’t as much dirt in it. I chose essential oils known to be safe for dogs, but one day my goal is to use 100% essential oils.

Six of the many dog ​​breeds listed on the candles
Six of the many dog ​​breeds listed on the candles

“I pour them myself by hand and design the labels and try to make sure everything is sourced from the UK and local businesses.

“I also try to make it sustainable by offering candle refills. I have regular customers who have refills otherwise it’s a waste to throw away the glass when they’re done.

It’s not just for her dog-loving clients that she creates candles. In the pipes, Alana is planning a rescue of candles to donate her sales to Manchester Dogs Trust.

“The color of the label will be blue as a sign of hope, and it could be a scent of lavender which is a calm and relaxing scent.”

The ‘Good Girl’ candles are only for sale on their site here.


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